Key Issues

Common Good

Canadians in York South—Weston are concerned for their well-being. Conservatives will continue to protect Canadians by making serious crimes ineligible for house arrest, by cracking down on environmental crime and by safeguarding Canada's economy.

Economic Leadership

Our government has cut taxes, including the GST to 5 percent, as well as income and small business taxes. Conservatives are committed to economically sound policies, unlike the Liberal carbon tax.

Gun Crime

Conservatives will ensure weapons offenses earn mandatory minimum sentences and reverse onus on bail, not house arrest, and we'll protect victims' rights and strengthen RCMP border enforcement.

Clean Environment

The Conservative government has worked hard to improve theenvironment and will force industry to reduce harmful emissions and air pollution, cutting air pollution in half by 2015.

Urban Concerns

The Harper government hasentered into agreements to modernize and improve municipal infrastructure, especially transit, including giving Toronto $697 million for the expansion of the University‐Spadina subway line.

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Key Issues

  • Strengthen Canadian sovereignty
  • Forging a stronger federation
  • Providing economic leadership
  • Tackling crime
  • Improving the environment

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